Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Never Forgotten


This template pack was created to honor the memory of my father-in-law. He recently passed away and these were his favorite colors. I needed not just a space for photos, but extended journaling space for all of his family to talk about what he meant to us, to write down little things we want our future generations to know about this man. If you have someone you want to pay homage to or simply have a great story you want to tell, then these templates are perfect for you.

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And some Inspirations

AnitachaosmumChelLive the LifekatiecreatesLeander07leander072LilenavajapippiIt's All Good by Stella Jane Designs<br />Never Forgotten Templates by Cornelia Designs<br />Font - NeoBulletin Semi BoldTanyia


And Im also re-releasing this 2 packs.


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