Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

2014 Calendars + New Collection + Sale

Yes I know most of you are waiting for baby news, due date was on sunday and little one is still not here. Those that know me very well, know Im not good in patiently waiting for something. But in this case I have to, hope she will be here soon. Meanwhile,  I have english and european calendar packs for you and also a new monthly baby collection. 
Like always, new releases are 30% off till sunday evening.


Available here




2014 Calendars are now available, english and european version. Please recognize its the same calendar like last year, just the date grids are exchanged, so if you already purchased it last year, just take the 2014 grids.
For all others, here is the european version: (everything editable so you can use your own language for the month words), and here the english version.



And dont forget our annual clear out the cobwebs sale - I have a lot of products in there all priced 50% from 3rd till 9th october - here

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