Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Toxic Generation 2 + Calendar Templates 2013


You love to create for your relatives?


Calendar Templates 2013

I do so! Last year I was so late with my calendars to print, so I thought they have to be done earlier this year. And now they are available for you, for the month of july exlcusive
They come in 2 versions – english & german
.png files,
  .tiff files,
.psd files,
300 dpi
8.5 x 11 " (english)
DIN A4 (german)

and some wonderful pages by my fabulous creative team & SDD ShopTeam




Toxic Generation 2



For all those Toxic Generation Lovers, I have some good news, here is the second part of it, more following soon.
Only available @ScrapTakeOut and on 20% sale until monday.
.png files
.tiff files
.psd files
300 dpi
and some wonderful pages by my fabulous creative team





Tangerine Love Freebie 3


And I have also a new freebie for you, on my facebook fanpage. Just click here, like my fanpage and download it at the top in the exclusive button.



I will announce our very first winners.
So for the blog its: Stacey
and for the newsletter its: Sylvia McCrory
Congratulations girls
Please email me at with your winning email adress and I will send you your coupon codes.

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  1. thank you so much! I emailed you! woohoo! just in case my email is

  2. I love the calenders!!
    I'm dutch myself and I love the fact that you have calenders on A4 format, but I don't want to have it in German. Can I change the language myself or are they set in? Plus: do the weeks start on monday or sunday? Thanks for letting me know, ideally by email: berniekwittendorp AT

  3. Thank you so much for the very quick answer!
    I'm gonna make my purchase now.
    And yes, I think the week starts on monday too, but apparently in the US they start it on sunday. It's a religious thing, though I thought god made the last seventh day, sunday, for rest. So that would mean it's the last day of the week. If a lot of people keep asking that, maybe you can add that piece of information to the product info in store?

    1. thank you hun, what stupid thing, maybe I have to change them then,