Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

National Scrapbooking Day is here!


Not exactly here but really close and my sales will start tomorrow. From 4th to 6th May, with 40% off on everything except my new released Grab Bag.


I was working on this brand new kit and could finish it in time for National Scrapbooking Day.

In these rainy, grey and stormy days when rain is dumpling from the sky and all seems to be quiet, you will find lots of colorful flora and fauna. It will be even more fun to explore the nature, putting on your cute rainclothes to make puddle jumper pictures outdoors. For all these, this charming Puddle Jumper kit will be perfect and will give every layout the perfect touch.

You can get this rainy Puddle Jumper kit in my 2 shops  @AngelsScrapShop  & @bits2kits and don’t forget, there is also a freebie at my fanpage exclusive tab (Cornelia Designs)





Puddle Jumper includes 18 papers, 2 full Alpha, 95 unique elements, 5 clusters, and 5 flairs. As a bonus, when you buy this kit, you will get the 22 Wordstrips Pack, for free! (Wordstrips are automatically included with the downloads, you dont have to put them separetly in your cart.)


  • 18 papers (12 patterned and 6 solids)
  • 2 full alpha (pink and blue) both with Upper- and Lowercase letters, numbers from 0 to 9 and 18 punctuation signs
  • elements include (95 total elements, including variations): 3 strings, 3 bows, 9 paperflowers, 1 tree, 2 frames, 1 leave, 3 tulips, 1 bush, 3 cloudy Wordarts, 1 handpainted flower, 1 handpainted leave, 1 border, 3 grass, 2 grass with tulips, 2 banner, 2 woolen words, 2 goose, 2 birds, 2 frogs, 1 watering can, 2 rainboots, 2 rainhats, 1 stitched cloud, boy and girl, 3 arrows, 7 buttons, 2 clouds, 2 cloudframes, 1 lovebirds, 3 splashes, 2 raincoats, 2 umbrellas, 2 closed umbrellas, raindrops, 2 worms (2 with umbrellas too), 1 tag, 1 puddle(1 with leave on it), watersplash, ledder
  • bonus wordstrips include: 22 different Wordstrips about rainy weather

  • CorneliaDesigns_PuddleJumper_Wordstrip_PreviewAngels






I have a second product out there, this time its a Grab Bag special for NSD.


available @AngelsScrapShop & @bits2kits

5 layered templates
.psd files
3600 px
300 dpi
1 Alpha ( in 4 different colors)
9 Papers (5 patterned papers 4 solids)

this offer expires 14th Mai and will then be sold separately









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