Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

iNSD Blog Hop 7th Heaven

We from 7th Heaven Designs, started our very first Blog Hop for iNSD,
and you can grab lots of wonderful Freebies and this way.
Here is mine: a template for you.

If this was your first stop, head over to the forum,
coz there is the real beginning of this great Blog Hop

All Blog Hop Stations:
- Forum:
- Yelina:
- Anja:
- Natascha:
- Biancka:
- Kate (Kandi Designs)
- Helen:
- Suzanna (Susanne Designs):
- Krizstina (Tinci):
- Brigitta (Hekas):
- Valentina (Valentina's Creations):
- Novaczka designs:
- Cornelia designs:

Please remember that we have all invested a lot of time in making these wonderful gifts for you. It only takes a few seconds to
leave a little thank you or some love!

Have fun!!!!!

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